Most people just assume that the roof of their home or business has been installed properly. They often tend to think that their roof can withstand all of Mother Nature’s hail, snow, rain, and sleet. Unfortunately, your roof is more vulnerable than you think, especially if it was installed by a shotty roofing company.

Whether you’re a Colorado homeowner or business owner, it’s important to keep an eye on the health of your roofing system. Scheduling annual roof inspection is the most important thing you can do to ensure the lifespan of your roof, and in this blog, we’re going to look at the main reasons why you should be proactive when it comes to your roof.

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A Roof Inspection Can Save You Money

You read that correct. Having an annual roof inspection can save you some money in the long-run. How, you ask? When you hire a professional to inspect the health of your roof, they’ll be able to identify issues before they even arise. This can save you from egregiously pricey repairs and even a full roof replacement.

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Preventative Maintenance = Peace Of Mind

When you hire a roofing company to inspect your roof, you’ll quickly learn how much attention and maintenance is required. A roof specialist will clear your roofing surface of unwanted debris, seal off unprotected areas that may be prone to leakage, and warn you of any potential issues that may need to be tended to. By simply scheduling a roof inspection, you’re taking preventative measures to keep your family safe.

Protect Your Roof’s Warranty

If your home’s roof is relatively new, there’s a good chance you have a warranty on it. It’s important to note that most roof warranties require an annual or biannual roof inspection. If you fail to prove that you’ve complied with this rule, it may result in a void in your warranty. Make sure you check the fine print on all roofing papers!

The Main Reasons People Neglect Their Roof

While most people understand the importance of scheduling annual or bi-annual roof inspections, they still fail to schedule them. There are many reasons why a homeowner or business owner may choose not to have their roofing system inspected by a professional. We’ve compiled a list of the top reasons below.

They Take Their Roof For Granted

At Colorado Roofing, we understand how easy it is to take your roofing system for granted. As long as there are no visible leaks or damages, why worry, right? Wrong. Just because the roof sits over your head and “appears” to be working correctly, doesn’t necessarily mean everything is all fine and dandy. When you neglect to have your roof inspected, you may miss out on necessary repairs and patches. This will lead to your roofing system deteriorating over time, costing you a good lump sum of money for a replacement.

They Don’t Want To Pay For Repairs

We get it – roof repairs can be expensive, but not as expensive as a total roof replacement. While you may not want to shell out the money for a roof inspection and repairs, we highly recommend doing so now instead of later. A total roof replacement can cost anywhere from 10 to 20,000 dollars. If you don’t want that dent in your pocketbook, we recommend scheduling bi-annual roof inspections for your property.

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